Rockbrat’s Audio Archive: D.A.D. give their first Australian radio interview (1990)

The Rockbrat was a big fan of Danish band Disneyland After Dark (D.A.D.) who regrettably, got lost amongst a sea of long haired, garden variety, late 80’s metal bands. It’s a pity that both radio and the punters could not largely distinguish the cream from the crap back then, but when everbody is sharing the same wardrobe, Joe Average thinks that Cinderella are the same as Johnny Crash, or D.A.D. are the same as Warrant. Wrong, wrong, wrong my friends. D.A.D had an originality that should have lifted them well and truly above the pack, and to some extent, their 1989 album ‘No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims’ did enjoy some minor success in Australia. Anyway, if memory serves me correct, the band came out to Australia in April 1990 for several shows, but they also came out to Sydney for a promotional tour in January, 1990 to test the waters. Rockbrat remembers that a benefit concert was held in early 1990 for a well repected roadie named John O’ Shannasy, who died in the Newcastle Earthquake, and amongst a line up that included Daryl Braithwaite, Chantoozies, Martin Plaza and The Choirboys, D.A.D were also included as a last minute addition. That was good enough for the Rockbrat. So it was that the Rockbrat ventured out to Tiffany’s, Blacktown on Friday 2nd of February, 1990 to witness the very first Australian show by one of Denmark’s finest, who played no onther show as part of this promotional tour in February. They did however, do a radio interview, also their very first, with Tony Biggs in the Triple J studios. I managed to whack a cassette in the recorder and capture their first interview, now some 20 years later, it’s been dusted off for your listening pleasure. It runs for about 10 minutes. Listen here. Happy trails!

One thought on “Rockbrat’s Audio Archive: D.A.D. give their first Australian radio interview (1990)

  1. They were great guys, They had that Hurdy Gurdy think going on with their accent. They were such nice guys, very polite. Candy Harlots did the St James Tavern support for em.. They had a sound not Unlike to unlike AC/DC IMO.

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