Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Guns n Roses – Wembley Arena, London – 1991 Concert Ticket

What: Guns n Roses – Wembley Arena, London – 1991  Concert Ticket

The Rockbrat was in the UK and attended what was billed as the biggest show of the London summer. Regular Rockbrat Blog readers will have noted that the old concert tickets get displayed under the ‘Best Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ?’ category. Not so in this case. For a start, the band had the horrendous Nine Inch Nails kicking off the evening who were (thankfully) very forgettable. Next up were New Jersey’s Skid Row who were in pretty damn fine rockin’ form. Guns n Roses were now bona-fide superstars, releasing TWO albums at the one time ! Mathematically, that sorted the averages out, as it would be freaking years until another studio release – and then with only Axl and the portly keyboard player the only two from this show in the line-up. Gig wise they were – so so. Not one of my favourite concert experiences but not the worst either. I guess looking back I can say that my days of taking in overblown guitar solo’s amongst giant crowds was fast becoming tiring. It’s a nice ticket though don’t you reckon ?!