Rockbrat Wonders: How Can Great Unsigned Rock Bands Nowadays Get Noticed ?


Recently, whilst on the hunt for some decent unsigned talent to play on Rockbrat Radio – it dawned on me just how many bands are out there nowadays. The internet is crammed with bands of all genres all screaming to be heard – whilst telling you how great they are – and hoping to be signed. The thing is a large majority of them are crap and it is difficult for many rock fans to look past the rubbish and get to the good outfits. But let’s drift back a bit. Back when I was a kid, the Radio Disc Jockeys – on the whole – were usually massive music fans and would play the cool new bands which they’d discovered. Another place was the record store owner. How many times would you walk in to your local record shop to flick through the racks and the guy would say to you “man you must hear this’ – before thrusting the album towards you. Other times they’d be playing new music over the PA which would also get people in. But when it came to hearing unsigned bands….well often – if that band had not released a vinyl single – you would have to go see them live if you wanted to hear their material. Unsigned bands used to produce cassette demos, which they’d drop off at the aforementioned record stores or sell via mail order. So here we are some years down the track and becoming a ‘recording artist’ has never been easier. Often you’ll get high school kids who form a band and play out of tune covers and have a blast doing it. Thing is most of em are internet savvy, so they play dress-ups, design a logo, plagiarise a bio and make their paltry recording available on the internet. This scenario is repeated thousands of times – I think it’s great that they are doing something – doing anything is better than sitting around doing nothing – and I do encourage them – but it means that they themselves make an already busy music marketplace – exteremely overcrowded ! It makes it a harder for the quality rock band to stand out and be heard. That being said after digging around these past few days – I am buzzing and charged after hearing some of the great, loud rock n roll being produced by young Australian bands out there ! Bands such as Taberah, Rogue Sharks, 1989, Diamond Eye, The Edge and Hammerhead. Remember those names folks.

My only advise to rock fans in search of good unsigned music online is:

A) Be patient whilst sifting through the average bands – your persistence will be pay off when you locate something cool.
B) When you do find something great – tell your friends and encourage them to spread the word.
C) Contact the band, let them know you dig their music and for god sake buy their product !

Rockbrat Radio’s ‘Unsigned Bands Special’ airs tonight at 9PM AEST on the blogtalk radio network.

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