Rockbrat Wonders: John Lennon at 70 – Happy Birthday !

Tomorrow, the 9th October – John Lennon would turn 70 years old. The question many rock n roll fans ponder is ‘Would he still be producing music at 70 – if he was still alive’ ? Can it really be thirty – yes, thirty years since his terrible death ? Where has the time gone ? I’d like to think that if he was still alive, he’d still be creating memorable rock n roll. Why not ? Maybe he’d have long grey hair in a ponytail, he’d most likely be trim, and he’d look in good shape. I can almost envisage him walking into some lounge in NYC with his acoustic guitar – unannounced – to give a performance for some charity. It’s only a dream though. In reality – the music world was drastically different to the one Lennon was taken from in late 1980. 8-Track cartridges were being phased out for audio cassettes – the Walkman was hip – and words like ‘mp3’ and ‘ipod’ were light years from being uttered. But like many other musicians who’ve met untimely deaths, the John Lennon memory remains frozen in time – he never gets old. Do teenagers of today dig John Lennon ? I’m not sure. They should – because his back-catalogue of work takes you on a truly amazing journey. On the occasion of his birthday – it will be too easy for many to mourn the loss of Lennon.  Yes, the world truly was robbed of a great, gifted musician. But I’d rather celebrate the man through his records. Tomorrow – on what would be John’s 70’s birthday, I will play a track like #9 Dream (the song where you can hear May Pang whisper his name) – and envisage him at 70 – and it will make me smile. Happy Birthday John Lennon.

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