Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Nirvana Concert Ticket

What: Nirvana Concert Ticket (1992)

This ticket seems to impress the younger Rockbrat relatives – and their jaws drop when I tell ’em I also met Dave Grohl on the same day. Thing is – when the whole Nirvana thing happened – I was already somewhat of a rock n roll veteran – so seeing them live didn’t really mean much. Before they broke I used to see their releases in the stores (89/90) – but they were just another faceless band at that time. Of course some months down the track – Kurt found some decent melodies and the rest is history. The fact that the average music fan – tiring of hair metal – was on the lookout for something fresh also helped. Anyway I remember back at the time thinking that ‘Nevermind’ was gonna sell zillions and that it would be interesting to see them in a small venue – such as Canberra’s ANU Bar. I knew it’d sell out so bought this ticket a few weeks in advance from the ANU Office – the only time I’d done this – then or now. When you see that Cobain and Nirvana are now recognized (not by me) as one of the greatest and his image (like Jim Morrison) is used to shift book and CD’s – the $15 door price now seems absurd. I can’t remember much about the two opening acts – Wollongong’s Tumbleweed – or the Village Idiots – though I did see ‘the Weed’ on many other occasions. Other memories ? It was a stinking hot summer’s night – there were probably too many punters in there as well. They were good – though looking back,  I would’ve been more impressed with seeing Canberra Raider David Furner working the door that night as he often did back then as a bouncer !  The highest point-scoring forward in footy with 1218 points. Now there’s a real legend !

One thought on “Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Nirvana Concert Ticket

  1. Hi there,

    I was working at BHP IT on a 123 million dollar tender and had one of these tickets but couldn’t make the gig due to technical difficulties at work 😦 I’ve heard from all reports it was a classic night with broken doors and all!

    Those were the days, how about Iggy Pop, Public Enemy, the Pogues, Roaring Jack, Hell Yes and the Real Gone Lovers. Mighty fine times indeed my friend.

    Bill Woodrow (Not another bloody Woodrow!)

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