Guess What The Rockbrat Found On eBay ? Rose Tattoo – Guns n Roses 1993 Oz Tour Poster

What: Rose Tattoo – Guns n Roses 1993 Oz Tour Poster
Winning Bid: $50 AUS
Sale Date: 12 Oct 2010

By the time the GnR (night?) train rolled back into Australia for their second tour – the Rockbrat  was no longer on board. What with Axl and his bike shorts, cigarette holder and monogrammed basketball shoes – it was a far cry from the 86/87-era of ‘West Hollywood cool’ and I’d long since lost interest. Maybe after Izzy left they shoulda called it quits. Anyway back in December of 1988 I saw them in Sydney and they were good – though I reckon Doc and The Angels blew them away – and after seeing the re-formed Tattas at Wagga some days earlier – am in do doubt a similar fate woulda been in store for Dizzy, Duff and Co at this particular show.  Dizzy Reed  – gimme a break ! For the record, Pearls and Swine were also on the Sydney bill – fronted by former Sydney scenester Johnny Teen – d dig it ! Anway I just found this on eBay and am impressed with the price they got for it. Considering I just binned some vintage Kiss posters after failing to move them, the seller can be very content with the end result. Hey Axl – here’s a plan for ya: get the original band back as one unit – tour the world playing the ‘Lies’ EP and ‘Appetite For Destruction’.  Most fans attending your current shows just wanna hear the older tunes anyway – it ain’t that difficult is it ?

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