Rockbrat Wonders – Motorhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’ – 30 Years Old Today

I can recall being in a favourite pub in South London many years back – regularly knocking back the Guinness and keeping the jukebox well fed with pound coins. The selections woulda been Thin Lizzy, Stones and Motorhead. What I do rememeber was just how LOUD the Motorhead track was when its time for airing was due. My god it was cut loud. Subsequently the local publican would turn the thing down much to the annoyance of the Rockbrat. I doubt if there is another 30 year old rock song which can still blow most current songs away ? (yeah alright – maybe something from that 1978 Rose Tattoo album). Fast Eddy, Lemmy and ‘Philthy’ Taylor – you definitely were on form at Rickmansworth’s Jackson’s Studios during that UK summer of 1980.  Clocking in at a Ramones-like 2:49 and issued on the Bronze label on Monday 27th October 1980 – this is pure, loud, raw rock n roll at it’s finest. Released thirty years ago today and still blowing my speakers.

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