Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Jeff Dahl 1996 European Tour backstage pass & set list

Jeff Dahl is one of my all time favourite rock ‘n’ rollers on the planet. From Powertrip and the Angry Samoans to his own prolific solo career, Dahl oozed punk rock integrity and cut some killer albums over a 30 + year period. Mr. Dahl was even gracious enough to let The Rockbrat and Cowboy Col crash at his place in Arizona when we were travelling through south west USA in 96. Jeff was rock n roll – pure and simple and always a great guy. In the early 90’s, the slogan was “Jeff Dahl makes Guns n Roses look like the Osmonds”. Believe it. Here is a backstage pass and set list from his 1996 ‘Looking For A Kiss” European tour, where he had Freddy Lynxx on lead guitar. Great days my friends. Great memories.

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