Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Autographed Yngwie Malmsteen Poster

Mr Rockbrat met Mr Malmsteen at in-store appearance in Sydney back in 1990. As is the case with many meet-and-greet type things, there was a lot of chaos with people pushing and clambering to get something signed by Yngwie. He was touring Australia in support of his ‘Eclipse’ album. What was funny was that the majority fans virtually ignored his unknown band-mates, all standing around aimlessly – which is to be expected when you build a band around you. Mr Rockbrat can also remember the Great One looking far from impressed with the photograph which I thrust at him to sign – where he looks kinda portly. He immediately showed it to some minder and made a comment. I just found this item in the treasure chest and thought I would share it with the millions of Rockbrat fans around the world. Although he is revered by some, this item actually doesn’t mean that much to me. You see the heroics of guitar virtuosos have never been my cup of tea, as I am from the Mick Cocks/Malcolm Young school of guitar players…and if I wish to hear Malmsteen I’ll crank that Steeler album he did with Ron Keel, or even the Alcatrazz album he recorded with Bonnet. Subsequently his show that evening at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre was uneventful and rather forgettable – and I would’ve left the venue way before the encores. Now where’s my Alcatrazz album from 83 got to….

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