Rockbrat Wonders: About The Runaways Re-Union Show Rumour – Japan 2011

The rock n roll world is currently abuzz with the rumours that America’s finest all-girl band – The Runaways – may have some sort of re-union and play live in Japan in 2011. Details are sketchy, but long-time band supporter and Sunset Strip Mayor -Mr Rodney Bingenheimer – fuelled the fire recently, by mentioning this very rumour on his weekly KROQ radio show.  Here’s is how the Rockbrat sees it. Firstly, with the passing of drummer Sandy West back in 2006, a genuine band re-union can never occur. Sandy – if you watch the excellent Edgeplay documentary, was crying out for a re-union – and it would seem cruelly unjust to do it with someone else on the drum stool. Secondly, it should be a band only decision – just Joanie, Lita, Cherie and Jackie locked in a room to sort out the show details. Fly to Tokyo and play the Makuhari Messe or if you wish to be sentimental – the famous Budokan. You will not be able to play Tokyo’s Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan where the 1977 ‘Live In Japan’ album was recorded as it’s closed down – and the other venue where said recording took place – the Shibuya Kokaido (Shibuya Public Hall) – may not be big enough for such an event (or would it). May I also suggest the amazing former Phantom Blue hard-hitter Linda McDonald as a replacement for Sandy ? Also allow former bassplayer and now film maker Vicki Blue to film the thing for future DVD release. Kinda simple huh ? Well not quite – you see. Thirdly, is there enough interest for a re-union. Cherie toured Japan in 2000 and played tiny, tiny venues. The tour received very little publicity and even veteran Runaways disciple Mr Rockbrat (then a Japan resident) did not know of its occurrence. Japanese kids born post-1990 ain’t never heard of the band – and don’t tell me that many youngsters who saw the film there will attend cos I wouldn’t be so sure. Yes, the band had immense popularity there in the 70’s but that was then and this is now. The world is a different place. I did not see the Runaways live – so it would be good to finally see the band in concert….but there’s never been the re-union hype surrounding this band like say – the original KISS. The demand was there for Criss and Frehley to re-write a new KISS chapter. Who knows, maybe older Runaways fans and assorted Jettheads would fly to Japan to see this rare rock event take place. If it does go ahead, I sincerely hope that it is done well and that it is done for all the right reasons. Otherwise, let us just enjoy the great music as we gaze over the album artwork and savour the memories.

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