What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? Beady Eye: ‘Bring The Light’

Not sure I can answer Cowboy Col’s question to his ‘Who Will Save Australian Rock n Roll‘ ? post, but with the debut release yesterday from new outfit Beady Eye – I know who can save the sorry situation in the UK. Beady Eye are essentially Oasis minus Noel – and their first single ‘Bring The Light’ was made available as a free download on 10 November. How cool is that ? (three cheers for ‘our Kid’). The single artwork could be straight outta the 60′s Kinks back-catalogue which suits me just fine. The track as a whole gets the thumbs up from Mr Rockbrat. It’s really catchy – heavy on the rock n roll piano with some amazing female back-up vox on the ‘baby cmon’ chorus (along with some signature Gem Archer licks) on a tune which will definitely grow on you. Always great to hear new material from Liam and it’s a pretty impressive first effort boys – considering Noel wasn’t around to bounce ideas off and I for one am eager to hear an album’s worth of material. Bring it on down…

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