Rockbrat Remembers: Skid Row shaking Wembley Stadium 1991

Photo: George Chin

Blog cohort Cowboy Col ain’t a fan of Skid Row – so I’d better sneak this post up without him looking. Mr Rockbrat was bunkered down in Europe in 1991 on yet another rock n roll expedition. The biggest tour to hit the UK that summer was no doubt Guns n Roses at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 31st August. Support acts that day were the then unknown Nine Inch Nails and Skid Row. No Gary Moore had not reformed his late 60’s Dublin blues rock act for the occasion – it was of course Seb Bach and his buddies from Toms River, New Jersey (did ya know that back in 1987 Gary Moore sold the band name ‘Skid Row’ to the band $35,000). Mr Rockbrat quite liked their first two albums – I admit it. I remember being determined to get as close to the front of the famous Wembley stage as possible and did quite a fair job of nudging my way up front. I thought Skid Row were pretty damn good that day and they played a rockin set compiling tunes from their first and also just released ‘Slave To The Grind’ album. Imagine my surprise when I get ahold of their ‘Wasted Time’ CD single some time later and see my mug on the inside live shot ! (see circled image) Kinda funny and it captures one moment of a great day of rock n roll (sans NIN). Anyone else out there appeared on album cover art  ?

3 thoughts on “Rockbrat Remembers: Skid Row shaking Wembley Stadium 1991

  1. I’m in that picture too!!! I have the 12″ picture disc of the record… I think i will have to try to get the CD now! The picture is by George Chin and he will sell you a proper archive print of it.

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