Rockbrat Wonders: What are the best Beatles books worth owning ?

Psst…wanna know which books on the Fab 4 are the best ones out there ? Well I’ll give you the scoop folks. The titles you should definitely own are the ones written by Geoffrey Giuliano. This is just the opnion of Mr Rockbrat – so before you bombard me with e-mail about how Bill Harry wrote good books, or how Cynthia Lennon or Pete Shotton or Julia Baird or May Pang any other Beatle-related author has penned a great book – don’t. Because it’s just my opinion. Most books written by those directly involved with the Beatles such as those people mentioned about are indeed great reading and worth hunting down. But time and time again when I look for something interesting to read from the Rockbrat library I usually grab one of Giuliano’s books. He is a great reseracher. He interviews some of the most amazing people associated with the band. Often controversial but never dull, I find it hard to sometimes put the damn book down after I begin reading ! He lifts the lid and gives you the dirt on the Beatles – interesting info you seldom read about. Many commentators reckon that the book by Hunter Davies was a groundbreaker as it told of tales which many others had ommitted. Geoffrey Giuliano goes one step further with his titles and unlike other Beatles books – I am always finding out amzing facts via the pages of his books. ‘Blackbird’, ‘Dark Horse’, ‘Lennon In America’ and ‘Lost Lennon’ Interviews are all truly great books worth owning. So now you know folks….

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