What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? Oasis – 2nd Night In a Shithole – Wembley 22.7.2000

For those not aware of Oasis history – this show at Wembley has achieved legendary status, chiefly because Liam is as pissed as a parrot. Things were not going all that great for the boys on the ‘Standing On The Shoulder of Giants’ Tour – with Noel walking out mid-tour after a brotherly fight – and being replaced by Matt Deighton. Noel however returned for the triumphant London gigs – which were that summer’s biggest rock shows. The first night (July 21st) went well, and the boys are in top form with the recording being released down the track via the ‘Familiar to Millions’ live album and video. Liam apparently went out to celebrate after the first gig and went on a bender. He shows up at Wembley shortly before show time holding a pool cue and in Noel’s words ‘looking like Grizzly f#%king Adams ! The broadcast was beamed live to the masses around the world and Our Kid is pissed and on form. He kept on referring to the venue as a shithole, which is where the title of this live recording stems from. Sure he’s out of tune at times, and sure he cusses, swears, forgets lyrics and does not hold back. Phil Collins and Simple Minds both cop a verbal barrage. But the unit carries on, cranking out the anthems to an adoring 100’000 devotees. The charm and drunken swagger of Liam Gallagher as he fronts the mighty Oasis on this particular evening is truly magnificent. I’ve read that both Noel and Liam have never watched this debacle, but the Rockbrat rates it as one of his favorite ever live Oasis recordings. Liam and Oasis – they just don’t make rock n roll outfits like this anymore !

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