What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today? Fur – Find What You Like and Let It Kill You

This EP was released around 1994 and man alive does it rock. Fur were a great three-peice who hailed from Tugun on the sunny Queensland coast and released (from my knowledge) two astonishing releases back in the mid-90’s. I love them both but today Mr Rockbrat has their debut effort cranking loudly on the MP3 player. Six tracks on this EP filled with crunching hooks, loud distorted guitar and strong melodies. Front person and vocalist Kim was a talent – and I always enjoyed seeing them live – this girl knew when to include time changes in the tunes and could write great rock songs. I’ve great memories of her cranking out the tunage on her Flying V, standing barefoot behind a head of long blonde dreads. In the live environment they could sure pack a punch – and are another band who missed out in bigger things. ‘Cloudface’, ‘Pim Pom Pam’ and ‘Bring On The Time’ are my choice cuts on this disc though all six songs are very infectious. Anyone else out there remember Fur ? Check em out on myspace

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