Rockbrat Wonders: How can anyone not dig Rainbow ?

Rainbow - it doesn't get any better

How can anyone not dig Rainbow ? What a band. What a gathering of musicians. What an astounding back-catalogue of rich rock music to go and discover ! Having been immersed in rock n roll from an early age, it was inevitable that the young Rockbrat – via Purple and Sabbath – would eventually embrace Rainbow. The very first track on the first Rainbow album from 1975 is ‘Man On The Silver Mountain’ and what a giant among rock songs it is. A killer opening riff with thumping bass, coated with Ronnie’s distinctive vocals. Thirty five years old folks and still sounding as glorious as ever. Clocking in at over six minutes ‘Catch the Rainbow’ is the stuff of genius and features heartfelt lyrics and some of the best vocals which Dio recorded in his long and illustrious career. If you thought the great Ronnie James could only scream out the loud rock then have listen to ‘Catch The Rainbow’ all alone and be prepared to be blown away. And how’s about the standout track off the following year’s ‘Rising’ album called ‘Starstruck’. They just do not write em as good as this anymore kids – and that’s a fact. Mr Rockbrat wouldn’t fib. The glorious run of cool rock n roll continued for the band with 1978′s ‘Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll, which is an absolute bonafide classic. “Lady of the Lake”, “L.A. Connection’, ‘Gates of Babylon” Kill the King – there ain’t a ‘styli lifter’ in sight on a record which all modern teenagers should hear. ‘Kill The King’ is the type of tune which should be blaring out of subwoofers everywhere – rather than the repetitive and mindless crapola I usually hear. Dare to be different dimwits – the Rockbrat dares ya ! Actually the title track was superbly covered by Steel Dragon via 2001′s ‘Rock Star’ film with Jeff Scott Soto handling the vox duties more than capably. By the time of the fouth Rainbow album ‘Down To Earth’ Ronnie was in Sabbath and I’m not a big fan of Graham Bonnet and Joe Lynn Turner – though I saw Bonnet once – circa early 1988 at a park on Sydney’s Northern Beaches guesting with The Party Boys ! I also used to own the Blackthorne album he did with Bob Kulick too –  but alas I am drifting. Rainbow – at least the Dio years – is one very classy and likeable period of music history and if you are on the path of rock n roll discovery – I encourage you to walk towards Rainbow today – for a better tomorrow !

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