What’s The Rockbrat Viewing Today ? Cherie Currie – Live At The Golden Apple 1998

Not sure if you can still get ahold of this – Rockbrat associate Mr Giglizard purchased this VHS copy from Golden Apple Comics store in Los Angeles some ten-years back now and it’s long been a favorite of mine and the Cowboy’s. Cherie Currie really kicks major ass during this performance – held to coincide with the then re-release of the 1979 ‘Messin With Boys’ album. The band is composed of no-names like Craig Doucet and Kat Lowe – and assorted revolving musicians. The Knack’s Bruce Gary guests on the drums for a couple of tracks, as does the much-missed Sandy West, whose power hitting on the couple of Runaways tracks she performs with Cherie is astonishing. Back-up vocalist – Alaskin Julie Ragins for me is a highlight (apart from the Currie sisters) – who has a very strong set of vocals. A comic store is a bizarre place for a gig – what with onlookers on the street gazing in – but it only adds to this uniqueness of this show. Appearances from Rodney Bingenheimer and Marie Currie ensure a great afternoon is had by all. Try and hunt down the 2004 Live at the Viper Room album by Cherie Currie & The Mix as that is also a cracker. This 1998 live performance video is something I’ll never tire of watching – so  thankyou Mr Giglizard. It is people like you. As I write this Cherie is currently locked away in a L.A studio recording a new album – and that my friends is a good thing.  Visit Julie Ragins at http://www.julieragins.com

2 thoughts on “What’s The Rockbrat Viewing Today ? Cherie Currie – Live At The Golden Apple 1998

  1. Rockbrat, You really made my day! I so glad you like that performance. It was a blast! Sandy West and Bruce Gary are so sorely missed… Thanks for the nice review. It means a lot to me. Can’t wait for you to hear the new record. Matt Sorum is a fantastic producer and I’m so proud of it!
    Thanks again, from the heart!
    Cherie Currie

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