Classic Image From The Rockbrat Photo Collection: Rose Tattoo – Wagga, Australia (1993)

Wells, Cocks and Anderson showing 'em how it's done

Who: Rose Tattoo
Where: Wagga, NSW Australia  – 22 January 1993

I’ve written about the 1993 Rosie Tatts reformation elsewhere on this blog so will not repeat myself. This was one of my favorite images I shot of the Tatts over the years. I can actually re-call walking past a venue in Adelaide in December of 1992 and spotted an upcoming gig poster for Rose Tattoo. Was the Rockbrat’s eyes playing tricks ? I mean, Wellsy and Angry both had solo careers and Angry had even once told the Cowboy on national radio – that there’d never be a re-union !! But here was the proof right in front of me. Straight away I made some calls and yes, a re-union was on featuring Geordie on bass and Fred Zeppelin (Paul DeMarco) on the stool – along with Anderson, Wells and Cocks of course. First show was to be held in the country NSW town of Wagga of all places. It was at a nightclub – straight outta 1975 – called The Copacabana. The evening was baking hot and by the time the boys hit the stage the mercury only rose higher. It was a great show – a warm up to the band’s upcoming Guns n Roses outdoor shows, where Wells and the boys – put simply – showed em how it was done. The Rockbrat ears have been subjected to some loud volume over the years – eg Kiss, Maiden, Metallica, Thorpie – even Manowar – but on this particular night Rose Tattoo were ungodly loud. The boys really were back in town…

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