Rockbrat Wonders: Will We Ever Be All Beatled Out ?

hey some new Beatles stories ! zzzzz

Whilst Mr Rockbrat was partaking in some aimless wandering earlier today, I stopped by the noizeagant to purely kill time and maybe scoff at some of the current crop of rock’s saviours who would be gracing the covers. I was not disappointed as straight away – my dork meter went haywire as I spied Australia’s Short Stack staring back at me from Rolling Stone. Next to them I saw UK’s Mojo magazine pushing their usual schtick. This time is was Paul Ramon on the cover stating ‘How I Survived The Beatles’ ! I let out a sigh of genuine tiredness – exhausted at seeing yet ANOTHER Beatle-related cash grab. Let me state that I freakin-well love the Beatles as much as the next guy; owned all the records and books, seen Macca live once or twice and have even down a couple of visits to Merseyside over the years. Thing is folks, we know all the stories backwards. It’s boring now and personally I’m over all the stories. Not to be outdone though – the now very irrelevant (and noticeably thin) Rolling Stone Magazine had a Beatle Special as well, where they named you ‘the stories behind the top 100 Beatles songs’ ! If Bill Harry, Derek Taylor or Cynthia Lennnon had’ve penned the list – and not some train-spotting Beatle geek I may’ve  showed some interest.  What a scoop ! I mean, no one’s ever done a list like that before right ! Is it any wonder there was a big queue of people in the store (they were buying lotto tickets. Ed). This kind of re-hashing is fine and I understand it’s business, but I for one will not be falling for this type of Beatle trickery. It is not, read not very gear. The jaded Rockbrat couldn’t even be bothered flicking through the magazine’s pages – as much as I love the Fabs – as I am all Beatled out ! Still, with the band finally on iTunes and selling a whopping 2 million songs in the first week – what the hell would I know ! You wanna read interesting Beatles stories – then check out Geoffrey Giuliano’s books – becasue they are indeed riveting reading and compelling. As for Mojo, Q, Rolling Stone etc – for god sake just let it be !

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