Rockbrat Remembers: Eric Carr From Kiss

The Fox in 1980 – hello Australia!

Eric Carr – best known as The Fox in Kiss, succumbed to cancer 19 years ago this week. I’ve got some very fond memories of Carr which I thought I’d share. Actually many Aussie rock fans hold great memories of him, as he was thrust into the limelight in a major way during the 1980 Australian Tour. A gig as the new Kiss drummer at New York’s Palladium, followed by a brief European Tour could not have prepared him for the mass hysteria which greeted him (and Kiss) in late 1980. He was a star ! Kiss had a new drummer and the press here went in a spin. I scratch my head some days when I think that the big Sydney newspapers were filled with daily updates on the band’s every move. They even printed a color lift-out poster of Eric for one edition. That my friends is rock n roll adulation. Not quite the 1964 response which this country gave the Beatles, but a frenzy nonetheless. All through the 80’s I continued to listen to Eric’s drumming as each new Kiss album (or cassette boot) was obtained. He was a powerful drummer – one of the best. His drum sound on 1982’s Creatures Of The Night album is often talked about as some kind of high mark for others to aspire to. It is rock thunder at it’s best. Musically, he is the best drummer Kiss ever had – and that’s no disrespect to Singer or Criss either. His voice was rock solid as well and suited Kiss to a tee – listen to him tear up ‘Black Diamond’ during any 80’s Kiss live show for proof. Australian Kiss devotees loved him and it’s a shame he never got back here for a mid-80’s tour. I could sit and wonder whether the 1996 re-union would’ve occurred had he still been alive, but what’s the point ? As a tribute, there is no finer song written than the Bruce Kulick and Union track called ‘Dear Friend’ – go have a listen. After he passed away in 1991 I wrote a tribute to him which got printed in Kiss publications around the world – and his sister Loretta kindly send me a card after reading it some time later.  It’s a small act which I’ve long remembered. Yes folks – the 24th day of November 1991 saw the passing of one of rock n roll’s finest – and we think back with great memories of him during this anniversary week.

One thought on “Rockbrat Remembers: Eric Carr From Kiss

  1. Erics sister Loretta always did a great job of corresponding with fans and in some way thanking them for the love and loyalty they gave to Eric whilst he was alive , and after…

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