Best Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ? Dark Carnival, Canberra (1991)

Thursday 5th of December, 1991 was the date – Canberra’s rock institution The ANU was the venue. Cowboy Col was so devoted that he drove down the Hume from Sydney to Canberra to see legendary Stooge Ron Asheton at the ANU. The fact that The Lime Spiders and Hitmen DTK opened the show meant that this was quite a trifecta. The Rockbrat and I were big fans of the Spiders ‘Beethovens Fist’ LP and always made the effort to catch them live around this time.  I can’t remember much of the set list, but I did recently find a gig advert for the show, so thought I’d share it. The night was not complete without a sate ‘meal’ from the old double decker bus to wash down the Tooheys New, and that over  with, my ears were left ringing after again being destroyed – this time by the great Ron Asheton. Almost 19 years ago to the day. Great days my friends…….

One thought on “Best Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ? Dark Carnival, Canberra (1991)

  1. Hard to place best gigs.Hawkwind/Pink Fairies/ Motorhead was one we would drive miles to watch. Radio Birdman/Flamming Groovies tour was a “had to follow”
    Destroy All Monsters was a roadie so had to go!! Wayne Kramer & Pink Fairies.
    Celibate Rifles UK dates a must.
    Then the real catch up gigs were Roky Erickson & Sky saxon,Helious Creed & Chrome.
    Sex Pistols,Clash ,Buzzcocks Stuff the Jubilee in Manchester 1977 I guess we were about 20th on the bill.
    In 80,s San Francisco saw so many jam sessions of the “Legends” Robin Williams always seemed to be at them & Huey Lewis what a top notch wanker he is, my shit don’t stink push to the bar type wassock,he stopped messing with us pretty quick when we took the piss out of his “English Country Band “Clover”. MEMORIES I Keep losing.

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