Rockbrat Remembers: The Record Plant in Sydney

Located in the Imperial Arcade in Sydney’s CBD, the long-lost Record Plant was one of the cities coolest vinyl stores and Mr Rockbrat and the Cowboy picked up some great titles there over the years. Just unearthed this vintage record bag to bring back the memories ! I’m sure many of the Rockbrat’s disciples would’ve shopped there back in the day as well – it was one of many stores which you’d visit on a day out collecting the wax. Anyone else wanna share their memories ?

5 thoughts on “Rockbrat Remembers: The Record Plant in Sydney

    1. I still have my collection of Record Plant bags – each a different colour. My friends and I loved going there on Saturdays in the early ’80s, hanging out, thumbing through the vinyl and pretending to keep our cool when famous musicians came into the store… (we were 16 years old at the time!). Some “celebs” we spotted: Brad Shepherd of Hoodoo Gurus, Richard Ploog from The Church… I’d blow my pocket money on albums by Madness, The Mo-dettes, The Residents… sigh… oh the nostalgia!

  1. I’ve been trying to remember the name of that record store for ages and I finally decided to do a search for it online. So thanks so much for writing about it, otherwise I’d still be scratching my head. I always felt cool because my music came from there. You had to take a couple of escalators to the top floor of the Imperial Arcade, past some small clothing alteration shops and then when you walked in the door, the place was packed with cool people dressed in crazy cool shit – safety pins everywhere and mohawks that arched in multicolours. I was fifteen and felt so young next to the eighteen year olds. Fun times.

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