Rockbrat Introduces You To: Alison Gordy

Alison Gordy is a New York actor, singer, model and radio voice.  As a musician she is perhaps best well known for her collaboration with Johnny Thunders as part of his backup band, The Odd Balls. Yet in the early 90’s she was also leading her own band called Blonde & Blue who released a much underrated album called Mad As Hell. Alison has had small roles or worked as an extra in dozens of films, television series and television commercials. Some of the films she has appeared in are Crocodile Dundee, Men In Black, Donnie brasco, Kill by Inches,  Mo’ Money, Loser, Jacob’s Ladder, Fear, Anxiety & Depression, Married to the Mob, Coming to America and Hot Paint.  Alison Gordy began to perform plays at school and began a career in the TV industry in New York in the late 1970s, where she appeared in small roles in soap operas and also on Saturday Night Live.  Tall, blonde and attractive, she secured many bit parts in movies, in which she played prostitutes, bartenders, motorcycle girls, and other similar roles. She has worked with directors including Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme, John Landis and Woody Allen. You may have also caught a glimpse of her in TV series like The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Ed and Dawson’s Creek. Yet it was her music that brought her to the attention of Cowboy Col. She met Johnny Thunders at a concert in 1987, and Thunders invited her to be the backup singer with his new band, the Oddballs. She ended up performing around 80 gigs with Thunders, including his last appearances in Japan in 1991 (you can see her on the ‘Who’s been talking’ DVD). She also toured with him to Europe and throughout the US. Tall and leggy, Gordy cast a very statuesque appearance standing next to Thunders. She really demands your attention. If you listen to any Thunders bootleg from 1988-1990 with the Oddballs, the material is really interesting and has elements of jazz and blues, highlighted by Jamey Heath’s amazing saxophone playing and Gordy’s deep, almost baritone vocals. Having a young guy like Stevie Klasson on guitar really reinvigorated Thunders too. The musical diversity of the Oddballs was their strength, and gave Thunders a fresh appeal that was long overdue. Some studio material was recorded with the Oddballs which came out on the “Sticks & Stones: Lost Album” which such songs as “Help the Homeless,” and “Children Are People Too”. I really liked the musical direction Thunders was heading in at this time with the Oddballs, and it would have been interesting to see what new material he released in 91/92 had he not died.  Yet he did die, and Alison put together The Alison Gordy Band, which included most of the Oddballs. Chris Musto on drums, Jamey Heath on saxophone. Stevie Klasson on guitar as well as Sami Yaffa on bass. (Gordy got to know both Yaffa and Mike Monroe via Thunders). The band gigged around New York in 1991 and 1992, changing their name to Blonde and Blue and recorded a self pressed album called ‘Mad As Hell’. Klasson had jumped ship around 1992 and was replaced by Josh Brown on guitar, although Klasson did appear on the album, as did Mike Monroe and Charlie Sox of the Waldos.  The ten track album oozes cool jazz n smoky blues and really should have been big. The opening cut ‘If I Dream Hard Enough’ in particular is a high point, but there are many on this album, including the title cut ‘Mad As Hell’ and ‘Who’s Been Talking’. Alison’s voice is deep, dark, sultry and very appealing. Very unique too.  I doubt you would have heard anything like her. Klasson of course would later go on to the Diamond Dogs, Hanoi and also his own solo career whilst Jamey Heath is sadly no longer with us. She also contributed a tune, ‘Just Another Girl’ to the Thunders tribute CD, ‘I Only Wrote This Song For You’ which I think came out in 92. She was good enough to sign a CD for me (as shown). I also have included a link to a TV commercial she did for MTV here. I’m pretty sure she drifted back into acting, but if anyone knows what she’s doing nowadays please let me know. With such an amazing voice, it’s a pity that she’s not out there in the best jazz clubs of the world – cos she bloody well should be!

One thought on “Rockbrat Introduces You To: Alison Gordy

  1. Met her backstage at a gig in New YorK in1990 and after hearing her sing became an instant fan. I’d also love to know what she’s doing now – with that voice she really ought to be huge. She has it all – looks, presence and a set of vocal chords to die for. Great to see someone bigging her up.

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