Rockbrat Remembers: John Lennon, Liverpool & The Blue Angel

(L) Matthew Street (R) The Blue Angel

December 8, 2010 and thirty years since John Winston was murdered by that fat lunatic. Where do the years go ? I recall the 10 year anniversary of his death like it was yesterday. Anyway, when I think of Lennon, I think back to December, 1993 when Mr Rockbrat and Cowboy Col were in the land of the limey, and a couple of great weeks were spent in Liverpool. As a Beatle fan, it surprised me that some of my mates who were based in London had never bothered to travel up to Merseyside to see some of the sites that people like myself travelled half way round the globe to see. Weatherwise, those couple of weeks in Liverpool were cold, wet and dark – but our spirits were not to be dampened. On foot and by bus we traipsed around to all the well known Beatle sites, (Strawberry Fields, Menlove Ave, The Cavern, Matthew Street etc.) but also to some of the lesser well known ones, such as the hospital where Lennon was born, or the Art School he attended, or The Blue Angel . We geeked out on all that stuff big time, and why the hell not ? I recall walking around the Liverpool docks, and going to Penny Lane.  I have fond memories of a drunken Birthday at a bar called ‘Lennon’s Bar’ with the Rockbrat. (and also nursing a hangover at a New Years Day Premier league match between West Ham and Everton).  I found two photos of that time to share. The photo on the left is of Matthew Street, the photo on the right is of The Blue Angel club, not as well known as the Cavern but steeped in Beatle history.  The Blue Angel was originally a jazz club, and is located where Seel Street meets Berry Street. The Beatles, Stones and Dylan all played there in the early 60’s. The Beatles’ original manager Allan Williams was once the owner of the club and reputedly ejected Judy Garland after the local premiere of A Hard Day’s Night in 1964. Pete Best’s audition to join the Beatles took place in the Blue Angel on 12 August, 1960 and this was where the Beatles, in 1960, auditioned for impresario Larry Parnes landing them their first tour outside Liverpool, supporting singer Johnny Gentle on a tour of Scotland. After seeing Cilla Black performing Bye Bye Blackbird at the Blue Angel, Brian Epstein contracted Cilla as his only female client on 6 September 1963. Anyway, I digress. If you ever get the opportunity, head to Liverpool and take in all these sites that are sacred to Liverpudlians and revered by all Beatle fans the world over. John Lennon – RIP.

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