Rockbrat Remembers: The Great John Lennon – 30 Years Gone

Melbourne Sun - 10 December, 1980

Y’know I can’t think of too many Rockbrat associates who do not dig John Lennon. 30 years ago this week he was senselessly gunned down. I cannot believe it is three decades. I couldn’t believe it when – in 1990 – I spied 10 year memorial magazines on sale, now it is thirty ! How time flies. Like millions of others, much of my life has been consumed listening to the Beatles and indeed John Lennon. I’ve read all there is to know, have heard mostly all of which he recorded and yet still, on some days I find out something new about him and am always amazed. You know nothing preserves a public figure like an early death and I still cannot imagine him at 70. It is a cliché, but although his life ceased in 1980, his music has gone on to find a new audience. Mr Rockbrat often hears clueless teenagers scoff when you mention Lennon or the Beatles. Not very cool they might think. Kinda dated. Yeah right. In the late 50’s and early 60’s a rebellious, leather clad Lennon, was swilling piss and screaming angrily at bewildered crowds in Hamburg whilst cranking out the cool tunage on his beloved Rickenbacker. It’s all been done before kids – and John Lennon was one of the first. So what Lennon tunes will the Rockbrat be cranking out in honour of the great man ? #9 Dream is truly great and if you listen carefully you can hear May Pang indeed call out his name. Crippled Inside, Working Class Hero, How Do You Sleep. Man there are too many to choose. Let’s not forget the Double Fantasy demo’s he did with Cheap Trick – many oh man to hear the voice of Lennon being twined with Rick Neilsen’s searing guitar work….it don’t get any better. I could just play the whole Imagine LP. It really is one of the most compelling and great sounding rock records ever recorded. and that’s a Rockbrat fact. Thanks for the music….

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