Rockbrat Remembers: Toxic Blonde

Girls Girls Girls

This post will no doubt hold appeal for both Mr. Rockbrat and Giglizard, girl band geek lifers. Toxic Blonde were a Sydney band who existed in the early to mid 90’s. As far as I know, they never released any product, but they sure were fun to see live. Heavily influenced (both in look and sound) by the late 80’s LA glam scene, bands like Toxic Blonde are long forgotten as little was ever written about them at the time. I vaguely recall that the singer was in Dizzy Dolls, another forgotten band of that period, but my memory for details from that period is a little hazy. I know I saw them a few times at different Sydney venues, and I recall them being listed on a bill at the Mona Vale Hotel with Adelaide’s premier metal vixens LA Maid.  Here is a poster of the band that I took from the wall at the Manly Vale Hotel. I think the year was 1994, but I can’t accurately recall. I do remember that nite having a little too much tutti frutti and trying to chat up the hot looking keyboard player (back right on the photo) – and failing – but hell, I was there to rock, and these gals could certainly rock with the best of ‘em.  Anyone else remember Toxic Blonde ?

10 thoughts on “Rockbrat Remembers: Toxic Blonde

    1. The hot keyboard is our awesome Aunty and at the time we all thought she was a mega star!
      She is still hot n now lives is England with her beautiful family. Love u Aunty Glenda!

  1. I work with one of the toxic blonde band members……I’d like to find out more about the band please email anything you have……

  2. Toxic Blonde all girl rock band , yes I saw them a few times in the early 90″s , they left for England
    and I never hear of them again. Shame they did put on a great show . they also looked fantastic.
    memories memories . hope all the band members are ok.

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