Rockbrat News Flash: Mark Easton Interview

Mark Easton has been producing great rock n roll for some years now. In a career that began with the riotous late 70’s Wollongong punk outfit Suice Squad, Easton was then a member of seminal Sydney band The Kelpies. In the early 80’s his band Soggy Porridge were at the forefront of the Australian post-punk movement. He then went on to front Sydney’s notorious Candy Harlots who combined well written rock songs with a wild and outrageous stage show – the likes of which had never been seen before, or since. They should’ve gone on to conquer the world, but it was not to be. For the last ten years Easton has been continually recording and touring, and is well respected in the Australian Blues community. Tune in to hear an exclusive interview that was recorded on 9 December 2010 where Mr Rockbrat covers many aspects of Mark’s career as well as some general rock talk !

When: 10PM AEST          Wednesday 15 December 2010

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