What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? The Rockbrat Shed Cassette Collection

Whilst cleaning up the Rockbrat shed today I was changing the tapes as per usual. I’ve actually rigged up a good quality car stereo up to a 12 volt battery and ran it through some giant, ass kicking 70’s Sanyo speakers ! It’s a great way to listen to some of my old tapes. The collection is probably indicative of what you’d expect in Mr Rockbrat’s collection with a couple of surprises. Sabbath, the Stones, Ratt, Rose Tattoo, Cheap Tick, Manowar, Priest, Quiet Riot, Quo, Bangles. It’s all quality rock n roll my friends. A couple of killer Jeff Dahl albums in there as well. Dylan, Crosbly and Nash, Neil Young  and also the great Melanie get played as well. So there you have it – a rare glimpse into what gets aired in the Rockbrat shed !

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