Rockbrat introduces you to: The Dandy Lions – long lost early 70’s UK glam classic!

Image (c)  Ken Rougeau
The Dandy Lions - GG George (vocals/bass), Rory Pride (guitar), Cockney Joe (drums)

Christmas Eve and look what turned up in the Rockbrat mail box ? An unreleased gem, a lost glam classic from 1973 – that’s right, a tune by London’s forgotten underground glam rockers the Dandy Lions.  The Dandy Lions were undisputed kings of London Glam, and were destined for big things in 1974, before the three piece band disappeared into obscurity. On a flight from London to New York, the band’s chartered plane vanished over the Atlantic, and in spite of an exhaustive search effort they were never heard from again. Despite being regular headliners of the Marquee and assorted tube stations with suitable acoustics, no recorded product was known to exist, although for years rumours circulated about a recording called ‘The Tunnel Tapes’, believed to have been recorded in a disused WW2 supply tunnel, located under the house of singer GG George (so named because of his  stutter). Why not paws for a moment at this festive time and  Take a listen to this rare demo of a tune later made famous by Ambrose Slade. Indeed, a unique gift from the archives. Cowboy Col would like to wish a very Merry Christmas to all Rockbrat followers !

The very cool photo of The Dandy Lions is by an amazing artist by the name of Ken Rougeau. You can buy this image and his other art work at

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