Classic Album Art From The Rockbrat Collection: Hitmen DTK – UELA

Man oh man did I play this thing to death upon release. 1989 was a great year for local Australian releases and this was one of many. I’ve always loved the cover art which is why it deserves recognition here. The 4 Track EP still kicks major ass with Justice Blind the first song up. Still sounding better than ever. A Slice Of Life was also included here and is another Hitmen classic. But back to the cover. It was drawn by Dwayne Labbe, who is one of the most respected animators in the world today.  According to the site IMDB, Labbe was accredited by Chuck Jones as one of the few animators since the great Ken Harris of the 1940s to have a real grasp on the Warner Bros characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck etc. Hey and it was so impressive Hitmen guitarist Klondike had it inked on his left shoulder ! Oh by the way, before you ask – it stood for Utopian Emotional Love Aura !

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