Worst Album Art The Rockbrat’s Seen ? Beach Boys – The Fabulous Beach Boys

This Australian issue of Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys was released way back in 66 and is a definite contender for the ‘worst album sleeve’ title. Why Australia missed out on the goat-feeding fun as displayed elsewhere on the other common version is perplexing, but I ain’t gonna lose any sleep over it. What’s great about this photo is that none of them are looking at the camera. What is with the attire ? Those shirts look like they were the inspiration for B1 and B2 (Bananas in Pyjamas folks). Mike Love is capped up and looks to be giving Jardine the evil eye, whilst Dennis looks asleep. I can’t blame him. What a shame such a masterpiece of melodies copped a dodgy album sleeve – at least downunder anyway. Next !

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