Rockbrat Wonders: About Rockers Who Looked Like Chicks !

anyone up for a Fall Guy re-union ?

Further to the post some time back wondering if Stryper’s Robert Sweet and 70’s TV starlet Farrah Fawcett were sisters I unearthed today some great shots of Stryper’s visual timekeeper, which would make most women green with envy. I remember reading through rock mags in the 8o’s and laughing with other HM friends when we saw a musician who looked very feminine. Then I start thinking about all those lame bands in the 80’s (not including Stryper here) who wore so much mascara and hairspray you’d think you were seeing an all-girl band ?! So here is the first contender in the ‘Rockers Who Looked Like Chicks’ category. Step this way Robert Sweet ! Jesus Christ (oops) I do not know what to make of it ? The lord moves in mysterious ways. Thing is Sweet was a great rock drummer and coulda done without the cosmetics entirely – which he and Stryper has abandoned by the early 90’s anyway. Next !

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