What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? Quireboys: A Bit Of What You Fancy

Known outside of the UK as the London Quireboys, due to a name clash with our very own Choirboys, this record from 1990 is one of Mr Rockbrat’s favorites. If you dig the Faces and Stones and you ain’t never heard this, what cave have you been living in ? From the bar room raunch of 7′ O Clock, to Man On The Loose and Hey You, this album is brimming with loud rock classics which – in a just world – should be blaring out of car radio the world over. These are guitar rock tunes which have aged well and still smoke my friends. The Quireboys – like the Road Vultures, never broke through as it was hard for Joe Average to separate the good from the absolute shite (Saigon Kick, Britny Fox, Saraya etc) when many late 80’s bands looked like clones. Damn shame as the Quireboys were better than most. Why oh why singer Spike did not front the Rod Stewart-less Faces re-union recently is beyond me. They instead settled for the ranga from Simply Red – hardly a band which springs to mind when you mention 70’s inspired rock n raunch is it. But that’s life. Go buy this Quireboys album and tell em Mr Rockbrat sent ya.

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