Rockbrat Wonders: About Rockers Who Looked Like Chicks !

Just 'cos I'm wearing lipstick - doens't mean I can't kick your ass!

Second contender in the ‘Rockers Who Looked Like Chicks’ category is none other than Stevie Rochelle, who fronted LA’s late 80’s sunset strip hairspray boyz TUFF. Like many other mid western hopefuls, by the mid 80s, the smell of Aquanet drew Stevie to the Sunset Strip like a moth to a flame (hey isn’t that a Gene $immons lyric?). Along with the other girl bands, Tuff became regulars on the Sunset Strip scene at the Whisky, Gazzarris, the Troubadour and the Roxy and even played the Country Club, yet big deal, so did Heaven. The band were signed to Atlantic but never, quite made it. I recall seeing pictures of Stevie in the late 80’s and had to do a double take at the good looking sheila. Yet alas, on closer inspection, it was one Stevie Rachelle, and a male at that (as in Wonder, not Nicks). As an antipode, I was raised on the blue collar, beer and sweat rock ‘n’ roll of Rose Tattoo, Angels etc, where blokes in bands didn’t have women’s names like Stevie, Vicki, Kerri or Rachael. Beer swilling record buyers like Mick, Dave and Thommo couldn’t identify with it (although I suppose Stevie Wright was an exception). But anyway, unfortunately for Stevie, the glam scene already had a Vince Neil and also a Bret Michaels and there just no more room for a third one. Still, if you were in LA back then, this blond bombshell hard rocker made people believe that women really could be rock stars!

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