Rockbrat Wonders: About Rockers Who Looked Like Chicks !

Who's a pretty boy then .....

Next up in the ‘Rockers Who Looked Like Chicks’ category is Brent Muscat, who rose to late 80’s prominence in the mediocre Faster Pussycat, a band who scored zero for originality. Bands like Faster Pussycat looked to bands like Poison for inspiration and figured, well if all it takes is looks, then we can do that do. I remember seeing videos of Faster Pussycat in ’88 for songs like ‘Bathroom Wall’ and ‘Don’t Change That Song’ and thinking, uh oh, more sunset boyz playing dress up to their old Aerosmith records. Sleaze, teaze, I can’t take no more please! Fronted by a scenester who shrieked like a scalded cat and went by the name of ‘Taime Downe’ (yawn, what kind of name is that? Axl, Traci, Taime, it all got way out of hand. For the record, his real name is Gustave Molvik. I would have had more respect for the dude if he had of gone by his real name), Faster Pussycat were a great example of the late 80’s glam excess, when record companies were signing up every dude in cowboy boots this side of Tombstone. Who cared what they sounded like? They looked bad ass, and the chicks dug it, so why not try and skim some of the sales off the top of the Bon Jovi/G’n’R/Aerosmith cash cake. As time has proven, Kurt was lurking up north in Seattle, lance at the ready, like a whaleman ready for the kill. Anyway, back to Brent. Back in 88, he was a baby faced 21 year old and in those aforementioned videos puckered up and played the androgynous card. Is it a boy or a girl? I for one had to do a double take. It sells records right? Well, up until ’92 it did.

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