Rockbrat Wonders: Who are the rock ‘n’ roll pie eaters ?

Did somebody say Shawarma ?

In this new topic, Cowboy Col and Mr Rockbrat will demonstrate to you that many of the greats are now following the the dietery habits of the King and ask the question, who ate all the pies ? As this image of our first inductee proves, the answer is Yngwie. Nope, it’s not just cops who are found in the donut shops, its also the glutton of guitar. Now I don’t wanna be to unkind to Yngwie, cos his solo albums in the mid 80s’, (and the stuff he did with Alcatrazz in particular) had heavy rotation on the Rockbrat turntable in days gone by, but this ain’t 1985 no more, and  in 2011, maybe he would be well advised to take a listen to that old Spencer Davis Group hit – keep on running. Next!

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