What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? Divinyls – Temperamental

I cannot think of a better album to crank at the start of a (ahem) working week, than this gem. I love the Divinyls big time. They were the real deal my friends and when they were blasting it out live in a shitty, sweaty pub in the Australian suburbs at maximum volume, you can bet Mr Rockbrat was lapping it up. Temperamental is close to my heart as I followed the tour back in 1988 quite a bit – before they went off the road and headed to the States to record the album that would give them a worldwide hit. But man, this record (I got a red vinyl copy kids) contains some of the classiest, rock guitar tunes ever crafted. Back To the Wall. Does it get any better ? Why I why aint modern radio playing this today. It blows most of the current crapola away. What about the title track…or the great McEntee riff to start Fightin ? Got nothing new to listen to kids ? Go discover.

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