What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? Sharon O’Neill – Foreign Affairs

I remember seeing the great Sharon O’Neill back in the 80’s with fond memories. One gig was with Angry Anderson and Marc Hunter as part of The Wild Colonial Boys and they cooked. Another was at Queanbeyan’s Seiffert Oval back in early 1988 from memory which was obviously an outdoor gig. From memory the mighty Raiders had just gone down to the Sea Eagles in the 87 decider, but good days were just around the corner folks. But enough about footy, though it does equal rock claimed the Gig Lizard, at least on some occasions. But where was I ? Oh yeah, this outdoor gig was in support of her just released Danced In The Fire album and she was great. If you thought Sharon O’Neill was a one hit wonder via the song ‘Maxine’ boy have you missed out. ‘Maxine’ is indeed timeless and a fine tune, however Sharon had cut her first single as far back at 1972, so she was no overnight sensation that’s for sure. Can you believe that a great track like Maxine only reached #16 on both the Australian and New Zealand charts back in 1983 ? It don’t seem right. But back to the album I’m spinning today called Foreign Affairs. It had three singles lifted off it, being Losing You, the aforementioned Maxine and also Danger. All tracks on this album are well written but I really like the tune Kids In Our Town, though I love all tracks on this record – and it’s top heavy with guitars and saxophone which is fine by me. Sharon O’Neill is a fantastic artist who I think deserves far greater recognition and is well worth your time in discovering.

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