Classic Album From The Rockbrat Collection: V/A – Heavy Metal Thunder

Picked up this killer comp in the UK twenty odd years back and I’m always amazed at the assembled line-up. It’s a Carrere Records pressing so that means only one things. It’s gonna be loud my friends. From memory they were chiefly a HM label outta France and tended to put out only the good stuff – as indicated here. Saxon, Demon, Rage, Dokken and the mighty Rose Tattoo. Woulda made for a great album showcase I reckon. Don’t for one instant think that Dokken are out if place here cos they ain’t, with their earlier material a purer style of metal than the melodic hard rock which would give them MTV rotation and cover shots on Hit Parader Magazine some time later (which Mr Rockbrat very much digs). Saxon unleash Motorcycle Man, Denim and Leather and Heavy Metal Thunder. If you ain’t heard these timeless heavy rock tracks then come out of your cave and do so. This was the stuff I grew up on from one of the leaders of the NWOBHM movement. Demon released the very rockin’ Night Of The Demon album which is a long-time favourite of mine. Well written, catchy rock songs with loud guitars – enough said ? Liar is incuded here off that album, along with the song Total Possession. The two Tatts songs are One Of The Boys and Assault and Battery. Dokken and Rage round off this compilation which is being played at maximum volume as this post is being composed. When it’s this good, there’s not really much to add is there. Let me say this though and it is stating the bleeding obvious – (and I couldn’t give a shit what this says about Mr Rockbrat) – but I’d rather listen to this nearly 30-year-old HM compilation to most of the utter, utter rubbish which the kids listen to nowadays or what I hear on radio as well. If it wasn’t for great bands like Saxon, Demon and the Rosie Tatts there’d be no Metallica or Guns n Roses, which in turn means there’d be nothing to jam to as you ‘play’ your Guitar Hero toy thingy. Maybe Ulrich and Hetfield should re-listen to this type of material to remember where their roots are as I think they sometimes need reminding. Lesson over kids, ensure you do your homework with this one.

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