Rockbrat Remembers: Laser Etched Records

The long lost laser etched record

Listen up all you antfarming, trainspotting, record collecting geeks. Here is a post you will find to your liking. We’re talking Laser Etched  Records ! Does anyone remember this marketing idea from the late 70’s and early 80’s when some vinyl records were ‘etched’ ? I only owned two of em, them being Styx’s Paradise Theatre LP and True Colours album by Splitz Enz. Was an idea which really didn’t take off did it, but it does represent a time period which is long forgotten. The Styx album has one side etched and the other which plays (see image). I also know that both Japanese and US Pressings of the Styx album were indeed etched…wait up one of my ants has escaped. Got him. If anyone can add further titles to the Etched Laser Disc Family please give Mr Rockbrat a holler.

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