Rockbrat Wonders: About Joe Elliot’s hair cut – from perm (1980) to mullet (1990)

No hair style is 'perm'anent - right Joe ?

Gotta wonder what was up with Joe Elliot’s dial back in the late 70’s, early 80’s. As any self respecting hard rocker knew, having the long locks was just as critical as wearing the right bullet belt. When Joe looked at stage left – there was Steve ‘Steamin’ Clark – long blonde hair and low slung Gibson lookin’ every bit the cool guitar player he was. In the late 80s when Def Leppard were the biggest thing in the world, ‘ol Joe was none too happy when old photos of his former haircut resurfaced, but I dunno why. Here was a guy of what, 20 years of age, from an industrial city like Sheffield – touring the US and playing superbly crafted hard rock that was just light years ahead of what their peers were playing. I for one never cared. OK, so it’s permed. Big Deal. Those first couple of Leppard albums are superbly crafted hard rock, and for guys this young to be writing hard rock this good was unbelievable! I have a bootleg somewhere of the band live at the Paris Theatre in London from 1981 and it just smokes. Anyway, by the late 80’s he’d followed David Coverversion’s lead and become somewhat LA styled with his dyed blonde mullet, but sheesh, I ain’t too sure whether this was much better. Party at the back, business at the front, Billy Ray style.  Leppard may have been known for many things – but fashion icons they weren’t.

(L) Megastar Mullet 1989 (R) Did you say pies are on the menu ? (current)

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