Rockbrat Remembers: Peter Criss and Balls Of Fire (1986)

The Rockbrat remembers that 1986 was a good year for all things KISS.  Not only was Ace back (the Rockbrat remembers playing Ace’s ‘Live At The L’amour’ Bootleg LP a hell of a lot during this period, with Richie Scarlett and Anton Fig on board), but after reading through Circus or Rock Scene or Metal Edge, I saw that Peter Kiss was making a comeback too. Peter was in a band called Balls Of Fire. His stint in the band only lasted a few months, but it was great to know that Peter Criss was back out there. Balls Of Fire were an upcoming rock band with a female lead singer. Live performances were made in August, with Peter even getting to dig out “Feel Like Heaven” from his past, with the rest being original material. However, the project did not last long, and Peter took up the house husband role to enjoy his daughter growing up. Balls Of Fire featured  Jane Booke on lead vocals, Bob Raylove on bass and JP (John Pakalenka) on guitar, who currently plays for Buckner Funken Jazz in Denver, Colorado. Balls of Fire only played 7 shows before Criss left.  Peter Criss also briefly played in a band called The Keep, which featured ex-Kiss guitarist Mark St. John, yet I’m not sure if this was prior to Balls Of Fire.  Anyway, Balls Of Fire sets list comprised the following songs – Dancing Inside Your Heart, Blue Don’t Look Good On You, Get Off My Back, Dreaming, Why Won’t You Dance With Me,  Private Dreams, You Can Have Me Baby, Feel Like Heaven and Lay Your Lips On Mine. (Click here to listen to a snippet of Balls Of Fire playing Peter’s ‘Feel Like Heaven’  from his ‘Let Me Rock You’ LP from 82.

One thought on “Rockbrat Remembers: Peter Criss and Balls Of Fire (1986)

  1. I remember this. I had a very bad sounding bootleg. I was more excitied about “The Keep” but that fizzled too. Disappointed, but always loved Peter.

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