Rockbrat Wonders: About White Horse and Mick Mars in the early 70s.

Bob Deal (aka Mick Mars) at left

If someone can convince me otherwise, I’d say that in 2011, there is clearly no reason for the Motley’s to still be around. They are hardly cutting edge, or indeed relevant, and it’s for nostalgia and that alone, that keeps the punters going to see ‘em. Another couple of years and there will be some 30 year CD reissues and tour or some other way to fleece the people out of their money. Maybe Nikki could write another book about his days on heroin (yawn) or the likable drummer could release some more hip hop nonsense…..I dunno. Man these guys are just so bad ass. At least whilst they’re still around I get to see Vince ballooning out, so there’s one positive. The only guy in the band spared from the poison pen is the silent one on guitar, Robert Deal. He is in no way offensive, mainly cos he keeps his trap shut. How old is Mick Mars nowadays anyway ? As old as Ian Hunter ? Mick has to be 60 right? He was in bands going back to round 71 or 72, so that’s 40 odd years now. Anyway, here is an old photo of Mick that’s worthy of your attention. In the early to mid 70s, Mick was in a band called White Horse, (before he was in Vendetta) and apparently White Horse used to go by the name of “Mottley Croo”, before they became Whitehorse. Mick Mars and Eddie Van Halen occasionally shared the same bill as Whitehorse and Mammoth (early Van Halen) crossed paths quite often along the club circuit in 1974. Let’s take a look at the photo. Bob is at far left, and is sporting a mo – the handlebar variety, as was quite common amongst musos in the mid 70s, though I dunno why. Vincent Cusano sported the same look in his days with Treasure. Whitehorse had a drummer with a built in cage who used to play upside down – so now you know where Tommy Lee got the idea.  Check out a book called Motley Rock Stories, by Jack Valentine, Jack was in Whitehorse. His books tells the story about his time in the California rock scene in the early to mid 70s, road tours, and of courses his time with Mick Mars (Bob Deal). Buy it  Here

4 thoughts on “Rockbrat Wonders: About White Horse and Mick Mars in the early 70s.

  1. you suck and you are mad that you never made or something and got stuck writeing some sucky articals about grate bands ass hole

    1. Hey nice one dickhead – boo hoo, I dumped on your band. Thanks for the taking the time out to write and tell us how much you enjoyed the piece. “I am mad that I never made or something”. What exactly are you trying to say in that broken hillbilly english you are using? You are in fact wrong my illiterate friend, for I “made or something” a career out of taking the piss out of humourless sidewinders (go look it up) like you who fail to see the joke in rock n roll. Try not to take it all too seriously huh ……and by the way Einstein, ‘articles’ is not spelt ‘articals’. ‘Great’ is not spelt ‘grate’. Come back after you finished grade school ……….giddy up douchebag

  2. But I’m sure he really meant “grate”, because the Crue’s “ass holes” honestly do “grate” on my nerves nowadays.

    And I think he’s referring to your lack of recognition by the Mafia, seeing as you were never “made”. If you had been “made”, nobody (or should I spell that “Nobodies”) would be able to offer criticism lest they be whacked……..

  3. Let’ talk about relevant, Mick (Bob) and the rest of the Crue are on tour, and selling the fuck out. Doesn’t matter if it’s from now or then.Bands like the Stones just to name one always do it and no one says shit. Bottom line like them or not they are one of the main cogs in american music history.

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