One thought on “What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? AUTOGRAPH- MISSING PIECES CD (1997)

  1. One of my favourite bands. It should be noted, that Steve Lynch developed his two-handed tapping technique independently – so he is no Eddie van Halen copycat. Listen to “Hammerhead” from the 2nd album.

    Got “More Missing Pieces” – it’s an extended version of “Missing Pieces”. It has 2 additional unreleased songs and 5 songs from their first demo tape – I believe this is the tape that Keni Richards played to his jogging partner David Lee Roth and Autograph was offered a gig by VH (all of those demos were re-recorded for Sign in Please). Love this release.

    The first three albums were remastered and re-released by Rock Candy Records (with some bonuses and extended liner notes).

    The fourth album entitled “Buzz” was released in 2003 and although the only original member is Steve Plunkett, it’s a decent release.

    Check out the recent Cleopatra Records’ release “Anthology” (2 CDs) – it is basically “Buzz” + “Missing Pieces” with some bonus songs.

    Btw. I heard the recent interview with Steve Lynch and he stated, that there is possiblity of Autograph reunion this summer. Apparently, there is demand for the band again. Hope it works out well.

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