What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today? DYAN DIAMOND – IN THE DARK (1978)

Along with the Orchids LP, I also used to see this LP in The Rockbrat’s collection when I was thumbing through his records looking for something to spin – other than girl bands. Good luck Cowboy Col! Hard to believe this album is now 33 years old. The fact that she was only 16 when this album was released is quite incredible – such is the fine quality of the music on display her. Dyan Diamond played the traps of LA in the late 70s, but this album was a commercial failure. Some history. Diamond was an astute 14 year old in 1976, when she made contact with Kim Fowley. Fowley was putting together the punk band , Venus and the Razor Blades, and that’s where she found her mark, fronting that band. When The Razorblades split, Fowley was still managing her, scoring her a  deal with MCA Records, and in 1978, with Fowley at the production helm, the ‘In The Dark’ album was released. Yet it flopped, even with Rodney playing it, and MCA dropped her like a stone. She continued playing the traps  on the LA into the early 80s. The album itself is a pretty good effort, more hits than misses, and is certainly worthy of a release to CD (which it hasn’t yet had). The album includes a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Mystery Dance”, and it’s a good version too. Upbeat and danceable. I dug the gritty rock that is ‘Nervous’ with its hard rocking riff. Not surprisingly it’s penned by Chris Spedding.  Dyan penned many of the tunes on the album, including ‘Gonna Rock Ourselves To Death’, which is almost an autobiographical tune. ‘Baby What You Want me To Do’ with its rockabilly line and blazing harmonica is another good one. I think this is an old Jimmy Reed tune. ‘Back On The Strip’ is a great tune about mid 70’s life on the Sunset Strip. Good tune, as is ‘Western Avenue’, my favourite song on the album. With its tasty blues riffing, it’s all about mid 70s Hollywood, close your eyes and your back there. It’s penned by Fowley, a man who knew more than most about life in Hollywood back then. I’ve heard a lot worse albums than this one. Note for the ant farmers.  Her brother was in the band Berlin. Remember them?

One thought on “What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today? DYAN DIAMOND – IN THE DARK (1978)

  1. This is a Jerry Ackerman I was the bass player who recorded the album with Dyan and I’m so glad to see that the album has held up to the test of time.
    I picked Dyan up in my taxi with Kim folly I knew she was special person. Anyone who had seen us or has listened to the album knows the magic that is there to this day I am still playing to this day

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