What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? David Werner – David Werner LP (1979)

David Werner’s third album, this self titled effort from 1979 is one of the great lost powerpop records of the 70s. David Werner should have been a star, yet when this album flopped, he faded into obscurity. It’s definitely worthy of your attention, and in 2011 it still sounds amazing. The album opener is ‘Can’t imagine’ a fast pop punk tune highlighted by some gritty guitars and a great vocal. I could have seen Iggy Pop singing this, it reminds me of the Ig. Great production too. Incdentally, I bought this LP in the States in a second hand store for a buck! What a find.  Ian Hunter has a hand in it, and you can tell. It’s polished, the song writing is great, the  songs are catchy. I’m amazed that it didn’t chart. ‘What’s Right’ is a great slice of powerpop and is reminiscent of Bolan with it’s glam edge, partoicualrly on the chorus. Great tune. I think this was the single from the album. “What Do You Need For Love’ is a also catchy and memorable pop, but sheesh, as are most tracks on this album.  The guitar work on this album is first rate and a I mentioned before, the production on the record gives a big, deep sounds. David Werner should’ve been a star – but he still left some great music for you to discover. Highly recommended.

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