What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? Fallen Angels (1984)

This is such a cool album. In 2011 it still sounds vital and relevant, better than anything you’d hear on the radio today friends. The Fallen Angels were effectively Hanoi Rocks with Knox of The Vibrators on vocals. 1984 was a great year for Hanoi. They were on the cusp of stardom. They should have rightfully being playing stadiums in the late 80’s instead of all those LA pretenders (with half the talent) who stole their shtick. Yet the band fizzled out with the death of Razzle, due largely to the actions of one irresponsible (and now bloated) jack ass. Sammi Yaffa on bass, Razzle on drums and Nasty Suicide on guitar. Also guesting on the first album were Mike Monroe and Andy McCoy. Apparently Knox and Hanoi had the same manager back then. Knox had a bunch of new songs and the manager threw Knox in the studio with Hanoi – and voila, Fallen Angels. The irony in the band’s moniker was all too prophetic, as by 1985, Hanoi would be no more. Great cover art too. Razzle looks great in his trademark top hat, well before Slash donned one. Hmmm, imagine that, an LA band aping ideas from Hanoi. This album was originally released in 84 on Fallout Records in the UK. So many great tracks. The opener, ‘Inner Planet Love’, rocks hard and fast, lots trashy guitars. Great tune. ‘Black & White World’ and ‘Falling’ were also two of my favourite tracks of this LP as was ‘Amphetamine Blues’ which was lifted from the album as a seven inch single. ’Runaround’ is catchy and infectious hard edged pop, great sing along chorus.’ Cuckoo Land’ still sounds great to my ears. Listening to this album on a Friday, stuck in the office that I am, it’s really put me in a good mood. I’m looking around at all the drones around me, most of whom are born around 84/85, and in my mind, it is 1984, Waldour Street, the Marquee, Soho, the 100 Club………bands don’t make music like this anymore, without it sounding contrived. Jungle Records has re issued this debut. Go check it out here. Check out Knox’s web site here

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