Rockbrat Wonders: If Sid Vicious Is Living In Japan ?!

Which way to the Bowery ?

The Japanese love people like Audrey Hepburn, Simon and Garfunkel, the Carpenters and Sid Vicious. I kid you not – Sid’s image can be seen in any number of shops via posters and magazines. Sid couldn’t play, that’s well documented. So it’s only the image he portrayed which they like. The fact that he’s been dead for thirty years is what gets me ! Sure, teenage kids in any country nowadays can be seen in a Sid t-shirt, but only in Japan have I seen the posters and magazines constantly being produced which pay homage to him. Just adding to that, I remember seeing clothing at a general department store containing the CBGB’s logo. How cool is that ?! Kids walking the streets unaware they are promoting an iconic Big Apple venue ! Not that different from the moron’s you see in most western malls sporting a ‘Shinjuku’ or ‘Osaka’ tee though is it ? However CB’s was indeed a venue and not a city (with one of the worst bog’s I’ve encountered). Bizarre….

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