Rockbrat Wonders: Which band had the most heavy metal clichés? HELIX

Crazy rock n roll nights - The Helix way

Back in 87, Rockbrat won a radio competition on Radio 2RRR (Sydney) after answering a question on the ingeniously named ‘Metal Show’. The prize? A free album from Utopia. Thinking he could have a shot at the full selection of stock, Mr. Rockbrat was thinking about maybe scoring a new Kiss bootleg or similar. No such luck. The heavy metal dinguis behind the counter, the same urchin who used to bawl at you (“don’t lean on the records mate”) held up two, that’s right, two albums for Rockbrat to choose from. 1 was an album by Malice, the other by Bad News, I mean Helix. Heads or tails – uh oh, a loss, you scored the Helix album. The album ? ‘Wild In The Streets’. Didn’t every band have a song with that title ? I’m sure Bon Jovi did, and the king of song writing clichés Gene $immons must surely have.  In 87, bands like Metallica were pushing the boundaries of metal, but Canada’s finest ? Swimming in a sea of retarded sexuality if I can borrow a line from Spinal Tap. Look at these crazy guys on the back cover of the album, hanging on to each other (?) and the red brick wall. Dudes – where’s the party ? Check out some of these clichéd song titles –  Wild in the Streets, Never Gonna Stop the Rock and High Voltage Kicks – you know that Elvis Costello or Desmond Child were not asked to co write any tunes. But wait, there’s more.  There’s also ‘Give Em Hell, She’s Too Tough and – wait for it, ‘What Ya Bringin’ to the Party’.  Safe to say that this album didn’t win any Grammy awards and not surprisingly, the band were dropped from Capital Records after this album’s release. The original Canadian cassette issue of this album came in a glow-in-the-dark cassette shell. Great idea boys, superb marketing idea. Just what you need when it’s ‘lights out’, and you’re wondering where your damn cassette case is. Next!

One thought on “Rockbrat Wonders: Which band had the most heavy metal clichés? HELIX

  1. Should have gone for the Malice album. At least if you closed your eyes you could think it was a bunch of Priest demos………….

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