Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: The TMG Book (1976)

The TMG Book. 1976 was certainly a golden year for the Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) with records in the Top 10, national tours and albums moving out the door faster than a Jeff Thomson bouncer. Their record label Albert Records went so far as to capitalise on their success with publication of this, the TMG Book. I found it the other day whilst rummaging around the bookshelf and though I’d share it, as many Ted fans may not know of its existence. It’s 50 pages and contain music notation for about 10 or so of the band’s songs – and it’s also stacked with many great article and interviews and profiles on each band member, and many photos (both colour and b/w). I was a big TMG fan, and was fortunate to have met Ted on a couple of occasions. I have his autograph maybe 3 times too, a signed 8 x 10, and a signed copy of the ‘Struttin’ album. I also have some pretty cool foreign TMG pressings as well, including a white vinyl Dutch LP. Anyway, here is the book. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: The TMG Book (1976)

  1. You’re not the only TMG fan. Plenty of us still love the band and their music. Tell your friends! A new CD released recently if you are keen.

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